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A webcam modeling dilemma: rich but dull, or poor but funny members?

by Andy Kyson

A young woman working in non-adult webcam modeling, by the name of Karina Weavey, raised a very interesting issue on a private forum dedicated to the industry. “Hi, girls! Lately, I have a lot of members in my room who are very funny and I have a lot of things to talk to them about. However, they are very poor, they don’t have any money… I like talking to them, but I really have to focus on members who have money, even though this disrupts my mood, and ruins my conversations. What do you think about it? Did it ever happen to you? How do you manage this situation?”, she asked.

Soon, answers came pouring in. Our friends at Studio 20 – www.studio20.live, the biggest and most successful non-adult webcam modeling studio in the world, with locations in 5 countries on 3 continents (United States of America, Columbia, Romania, Czech Republic, and Hungary), helped us select the most relevant ones. “My opinion is that you should maintain a balance between the attention you give to paying and non-paying members. None of them should feel excluded and you should treat everyone with equal respect. You don’t want your reputation to suffer even if this means less money on a certain day. But it will most certainly mean more earnings both for you, and the studio in the long run”, Patricia P. answered.

Sabrina K. also expressed her opinion: “Unfortunately, there are not too many things you can do in this specific situation in webcam modeling. It’s good to talk to all members, whether they are paying or not. Maybe if paying members see that there is plenty of activity in your room, they will come too and pay. Try to check your private messages and see if paying members are writing to you. If they do, answer them and offer them the attention they need. This should be an important way to get the most out of them”.

In conclusion, choosing between “rich, but dull” and “poor, but funny” members in non-adult webcam modeling truly is a very important dilemma, especially for young cam girls, whose instincts aren’t really formed, and who don’t necessarily know how to act in certain situations. The most important thing, as Patricia said, is to maintain a balance and not to dismiss or disrespect anyone because you don’t know what chances might occur in the future.

Anyway, choosing between the “rich & dull” and “poor & funny”, respectively, is a dilemma that most women face, not only those in non-adult webcam modeling. Most of the time, when thinking about starting a relationship, chances are that most men will fall into one or the other category since things can never be perfect. It all depends on your feminine intuition and, above all, what you want the most from life. Actually, this is the main difference: in your personal life, you can make whatever decision you want, as long as you don’t affect others, while in your profession you have to consider the financial aspect of your decisions too.

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