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Importance of Solving UPSC Prelims Question Paper

by Andy Kyson

It is known that the UPSC Exams are conducted in three stages:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

Clearing the prelims stage is the gateway to further success in the UPSC Exams. Although considered a comparatively easier stage than the mains, the prelims is still a difficult stage to surpass without an effective strategy in place. Solving previous year’s UPSC Prelims Question Paper is one of the key steps in passing the stage.

Attempting Previous years will help in familiarizing a candidate with the nature and patterns of the UPSC Exams. This is one of many benefits that will help the candidate. This article will further elaborate on the importance of solving the UPSC Prelims Question Paper.

How helpful is solving UPSC Prelims Question Paper

  1. Proper Understanding of the Exam Pattern: Understanding the exam pattern makes preparation an easy task. It is one of the crucial steps required to crack the UPSC Exams. Certain facts like syllabus, topics and marks weightage will be of great use in helping candidates in preparing a correct strategy.
  2. 2. Provides a detailed understanding of the question paper pattern: By regular practicing with the mock UPSC Prelims Question Paper, a candidate has a better chance of understanding the type, nature and format of the questions being asked. In Prelims, the questions are mainly of the objective type. Hence the level of difficulty varies between different sections. Once a grasp of the difficulty level is achieved then it becomes somewhat easier to finish the exam in record time.
  3. Will help in keeping up with the latest topics: The Prelims contains a vast array of syllabus and topics from current affairs which has news of both national and international importance. Solving previous years UPSC Prelims Question Paper will help in increasing the dynamic knowledge of the candidate.
  4. Improved Study Routine: One of the best assets for UPSC aspirants is a solved question paper from previous years. It helps in improving the study routine that will help in solving similar questions.
  5. Regular Practice is a must: The more a candidate practices the more enhanced his/her skill becomes. Regular practice helps in better understanding the nature of the questions asked and in addition improves the time management of the candidate of the exam.
  6. Preparation of a better strategy: Solving previous years Prelims Question Papers will help in creating a better preparation strategy. Candidates can make an assessment of their preparation and track their progress. It will help in identifying their weaknesses and improving their strength, thus helping in making changes to their ongoing practice.
  7. Topics Revision: Solving previous years Prelims Question helps in revising the topics that are likely to be asked in the exam. It will evaluate the candidate’s performance and improve their weak areas.
  8. Self-Assessment: Solving UPSC Previous Years Prelims Question Will help immensely in self-assessment. It will better help in identifying the mistakes and redefining the preparation strategy. This will help in better performing in the exam.

Candidates can refer to the IAS Questions with answers page in order to better prepare for the Exam.

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