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Straight Rye Whiskey – A Simple Recipe for the Amateur Whiskey Maker

by Andy Kyson

Straight rye whiskey is America’s first true whiskey. It predated bourbon by over a century. Before the onset of Prohibition in the USA, straight rye whiskey outsold bourbon by a wide margin. Rye was always the primary crop for fallow fields which were meant to be yielding from a sod. While growing crops was not allowed during the Prohibition period, American farmers labored tirelessly to make their harvests produce enough whiskey to meet the demand of their thirsty market.

There are a few secrets to choosing quality and straight up is the best rye whiskey that is made from all grain ingredients. Corn is the main base product for whiskey, but other grains are used such as barley and wheat. Distilling the grains will remove any esters or sugars and reduce the alcohol content.

Another important tip to remember when choosing straight rye whiskey is that you should always drink it within four months after the last maturation. The longer you allow your whiskey to age, the better the taste. It is recommended that before you drink the whiskey, you should clean out the bottle and wash away any sediments with a dry cloth. You do not want any residue in your mouth, this will interfere with the way the whiskey tastes when you drink it.

Distilling your own whiskey is also an option if you can get your hands on some old overcoat or rye whiskey. It is important that you have the correct equipment for making your own rye. You will need a stainless steel container that has a top. Place the sugar and water in the container and place the container in your kitchen sink. Most of the old overcoat or rye whiskeys were not stored in open containers, so you will have no problems finding the right container to use.

The final step in making straight rye whiskey is to add the yeast. You will need the yeast at room temperature. You will also need a few small pieces of silverware, an electric sealer, and a rubber band. Put all of these items in the stainless steel container and put the lid on the container. The yeast will need to sit in the container for five to ten minutes. After the five-to-ten-minute period, the yeast should have finished brewing.

When the yeast is done brewing, take the stainless steel vessel and add the whiskey. Distribute the whiskey through your fingers and into the open glass jug. You should be able to smell and taste the whiskey. If you do not, you may want to distill the whiskey once more to remove any remaining smell or flavors from the yeast. Straight rye whiskey makes a great tasting drink when it is mixed with fruits or even ice cream.

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