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The Different Ways To Invoke SAP Implementation In An Organisation

by Andy Kyson

SAP implementation means the implementation of SAP to various organizations and enterprises. It is a German company, the full meaning being System, Applications and Product Implementation. The name of the German company was SAP SE. Therefore, the implementation of the whole process of SAP and ERP software in other organizations is SAP implementation.

Introduction of SAP implementation

Before introducing SAP implementation, a bit of analysis is required. Not all organizations are in need of sap implementation.  However, introducing it is a great asset for any organization. This also explains why it is so much in demand. However, it is not cost-free and needs a bit of investment. Not all businesses might be able to afford it. Thus one should always look over their requirements.

SAP implementation is a great investment, and its operations affect a great deal. All organizations benefit from this implementation. However, the implementation is not quick and takes time. It is done to achieve high goals and proves in better communication and interaction.

What is the SAP implementation life cycle?

There are around six stages in the SAP implementation. These are important stages and are required by all organizations.

  • Pre-sales

Pre-sales mean sales beforehand. It is required in SAP implementation to learn about its techniques better.

  • Preparation

Preparation includes the plans of the business. In addition, it elaborates the goals and future achievements of the organizations.

  • Business Blueprint

Business Blueprint, as the name suggests, means how to go about the plans of the organization. It may depend from Business to Business and may incorporate different activities depending on the organization’s goals.

  • Realization

Realization is realizing where the businesses stand to know about it. Now on which basis does the company or the enterprise realize, depends on them. It may differ from place to place and from goal to goal. One may do daily analysis or monthly analysis, or yearly analysis.

  • Going Live

Going Live is basically performing all those blueprints and the plans made beforehand. It means executing those plans to achieve the goal and get the benefits out of them.

  • Post-Production

Post- Production is the activity that is done after all those activities are completed. It may incorporate packing, parcels, and shipping depend on the consumer demands.

There are various ways of SAP implementation. One can implement as or when the organization or individual wants. It has different attached benefits to it.

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