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Hi-tech Harassment in Social Networking

by Andy Kyson

Social networking id theft, Facebook jacking, mCrime with cell phone hacking and harassing, cyber bullying, and other great tales. Used to do a place around the Tyra Banks Show more than a year ago plus they keep re-running the episode. Each time the show airs I recieve emails from victims of hi-tech harassment. Within the show a household from Washington, discovered that a number of their phones have been hijacked to be able to monitor them. They are saying the hacker could turn a compromised phone off and on, make use of the phone’s camera to consider pictures, and employ the speakerphone like a bug.

They were given off easy.

This really is amazing. Imagine you’re away on holiday disconnected from the web and cell phones (that is what “vacation” is today) as well as your Facebook account is jacked. The criminal hacker has become pretending to be you. Although not to scam your buddies and family to transmit the criminal money. What is he as much as? What about openly announcing to any or all your buddies and family that you’re while destruction.

For Just Two.5 hrs a existence and dying drama unfolded in social networking. Make a Facebook status such as this “I’m not going a funeral or memorial, I would like it to end up like Irrrve never existed. The way in which If only it had been.” And “My only friend may be the hand gun at the back of my closet.”

Facebook buddies and family freaked out and started answering “her” posts with words of encouragement, attempting to “talk her lower” while her cell phone was ringing with 20 messages to voicemail message.

In route away from her trip her boy finally made contact with together with her as she had a signal. Along the way law enforcement were known as and also at her house prepared to smash right in front door.

The victim within this situation is really a mother of the deceased Navy Seal from Iraq. It’s believed she was targeted due to her charitable organization use celebrating the lives of deceased military personnel.

However this may happen to anybody.

Strengthen your passwords use upper/lower situation, figures and figures. Avoid using easily suspected words in the dictionary or pets, kids, birthdates etc.

Don’t access social networking from libraries, internet cafes or any public computers that may have spy ware.

Make certain your personal PC has updated virus definitions and security patches. Think before with the third party apps in social networking. Most are dangerous.

Don’t click links in emails from “buddies” suggesting that you download a relevant video or see pictures. This really is being a common trick in social networking.

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